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Vietnamese patch for X4.0.1 - Testers wanted

Sorry, for cross-posting to so many lists, please honor the reply-to

I'm unsure if anyone here is using the locale-vi package but I've been
working on getting the Vietnamese keysyms to work in X 4.0.1.

Well, I think this is it. I'd like any brave soul willing to and
capable of, to try it out, it of course requires patching, and
compiling, the X 4.0.1 server (it's not that bad, I promise).

I still need to fine tune the TCVN Compose file and create a VISCII
compose file, also any notes about what I have for the xkb file would
be appreciated. I hacked it together from the others and am really not
sure if it is done the best way or not.

It's all available at http://ghoti.org/vietnam/


What is the likelihood that after this has been tested fairly
thoroughly that it can be included in the X packages? Obviously they
(X4) need to be packaged first, but after that? I'd like to get this in
before woody gets far along.

Ashley Clark

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