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X -deferglyphs 16 (Re: Please test: Netscape 4.73 packages with CJK support)


In <[🔎] 20000712100419.A14040@wormhole.galaxy>,
  on 12 Jul 00 08:04:19 GMT,
    on Re: Please test: Netscape 4.73 packages with CJK support,
 torsten@debian.org (Torsten Landschoff) wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 12:05:00PM -0600, Anthony Fok wrote:
> > I am glad that you somehow found out "-deferglyphs 16".  :-)  This option
> > "defers" the loading of 16-bit glyphs e.g. large CJK and Unicode fonts.
> > Otherwise, X would try to load the _entire_ font (with 14000+ glyphs)
> > into the memory all at once.  This soon crashes the X font server,
> > and since X can't talk to the font server any more, it just freezes whenever
> > a font is requested.  At this state, X would use up all the CPU resources,
> > probably trying desperately to talk to a non-existent font server.  :-)
> If I understand your description correctly this option is never harmful but
> very useful for some setups. Don't you think that the Debian setup should
> pass this option per default? In that case please ask Branden if he can
> do that (or file a bug, severity wishlist, on xserver-common).

In fact, Mr. Branden kindly did this already for xdm :)

the file /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers included in xdm_3.3.6-9.deb does have
the line:

    :0 local /usr/bin/X11/X vt7 -deferglyphs 16

so "-deferglyphs 16" is used as the default for xdm.

Unfortunately, it seems that "startx" command currently does not 
have this setup as the default.

I think that providing /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc by xbase-client
package can do this, because the current /usr/X11R6/bin/startx
has the following lines:



   if [ -f $userserverrc ]; then
   else if [ -f $sysserverrc ]; then

So I think that put the line similar to /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers
(maybe "exec /usr/bin/X11/X :0 vt7 -deferglyphs 16 ")
into /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc will work as the default setting
for "startx" command.

  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>,<sano@debian.or.jp>,<kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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