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Re: Please test: Netscape 4.73 packages with CJK support

On Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 01:27:31AM +0800, Lincoln Leung wrote:
> after trial and error, I finally succeeded to launch Netscape with CJK
> support.

Congratulations!  I'm glad that it finally works for you.  :-)
(Hehe, another Chinese "guinea-pig" who tests the Debian 2.2 Chinese
support.  :-)  Your input has been excellent, and will help us in
dealing with future user problems, and with the yet-to-be-written
Debian-Chinese-HOWTO.  :-)

> Netscape failed because the arphic fonts were not running in X as
> 'FontPath "unix/:7100" ' was not included in XF86Config. After amending
> XF86Config, I could see the arphic fonts by running xlsfonts. However, the
> whole system suspended when I launched netscape. All the CPU resources
> were used by the xserver. 
> But now, everything works fine since I initialize the xsession by adding
> the argument '-deferglyphs 16' (What does this mean?) Netscape now looks
> great with menu in Chinese and I no longer see any strange alignment of
> Chinese words when I type in it. 

I am glad that you somehow found out "-deferglyphs 16".  :-)  This option
"defers" the loading of 16-bit glyphs e.g. large CJK and Unicode fonts.
Otherwise, X would try to load the _entire_ font (with 14000+ glyphs)
into the memory all at once.  This soon crashes the X font server,
and since X can't talk to the font server any more, it just freezes whenever
a font is requested.  At this state, X would use up all the CPU resources,
probably trying desperately to talk to a non-existent font server.  :-)

> One minor problem is that strange characters are still shown at the top of
> the window. Can it be fixed?

You mean the window frame drawn by your wm?  I think it is possible.
For example, the CLE (Chinese GNU/Linux Extension) Team's KDE can
display Chinese.  I haven't used the *.deb at kde.tdyc.com though.
Also, I'm not whether qt1.4.x in Debian potato contains the necessary
i18n patch as used by the CLE.

> Anyway, it looks wonderful. I am grateful for all your contribution.
> Thanks a lot!!

No problem.  :-)  The current results of the Chinese support in Debian
is indeed a conglomeration of all the work of many many individuals,
from within the Debian Project and beyond.  I'm just one of the lucky
users who finally get to use Chinese in Debian.  Hehe.  :-)

BTW, if you haven't noticed already, there is a Debian Chinese Project,
with a mailing list at debian-chinese@lists.debian.org.  If you are
interested, please come and join us!  :-)  (Perhaps someone there
know how to solve your problem w.r.t. Chinese not being displayed in



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