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liblocaleeditor : Locale Definition File Class Library


This message is to announce a new class library called liblocaleeditor. 
This library will give applications methods to read and write locale
definition files on a Linux system.

To the best of my knowledge, there exist no easy-to-use application for
the creation/edition of Linux's locale definition files.  The only way a
user can create a new locale file is by using a previously existing
locale definition file, and then using a text editor to edit the content
of this file.  The special formatting of these locale definition files
makes it difficult for most users to edit or create a new locale.
By using the liblocaleeditor's methods, the formatting of the locale
definition file is kept hidden, along with the notion of symbolic names
for characters (character maps/sets).  This makes it easy to implement
l10n related applications, such as regional settings control panels,
that works at the system-level, therefore taking advantage of the l10n
features already available in Linux.  More information about the library
can be found at:

Instruction about CVS access can be found at:

The library is located under the project named 'l10n-i18n'.

The library is still in development and any contributions to the project
would be greatly appreciated.  
Any comments/concerns and suggestions can be sent to the project's
mailing list:


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information on how to register to this mailing list)

Andre Charbonneau
Software Engineer
Corel Corporation
728-0826 x5612
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