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Regional Settings Control Panel in Linux


The following link points to a page where you will find a document
(pdf) which explains some possible approaches for the development of a
regional settings control panel in Linux, along with a UI
specification for such a control panel.  Note that the UI
specifications only contain localization features that are available at
the system level.  Four different approaches are described and now a
prototype application is currently being developed as a proof of
concept for method #1 and #4 (see online document).  If enough
interest is shown, then the prototype application will also be made
publicly available so that Linux users and application programmers
can contribute to the project.


The goal of this project is to create a control panel that will allow
Linux users to adapt the system's locale to suite their own needs.  If
a system-level approach is used, then this implies that a locale
editing library will have to be developed, which will allow
applications to modify a system locale, and then re-save it under
another name (therefore not modifying default system locale files).
In the case where a regional settings control panel already exists,
then it could take advantage of this library.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Andre Charbonneau
Software Engineer
Corel Corporation
728-0826 x5612
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