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Re: ls and character sets

On NhËt, 30 Giªng 2000, Oskar Liljeblad wrote:
> Not long ago I reported a wishlist-bug for ls (#56569) that
> there was no support for custom character sets. 
> The problem is that ls prints filenames with national characters
> like 'åäö' as '???'. I would like to do something like this:
>   ls --character-set=ISO_8859-1
> I was asked what these custom character sets do that locales
> don't.
> So now I wonder: is there any locale that acts like the
> default locale, but with ISO-8859-1 character set support?
> Can I make one myself? Or is there another solution for the
> problem described above? I don't want to use a national
> locale, simply because I don't want to use special collation
> order, date format and stuff like that.

You can just set the LC_CTYPE variable to get the character set of a
national locale without the date/time format, collation order,
monetary settings and translations.

Ashley Clark

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