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The debian translation monitor

[I'm not subscribed on devel yet. Please include me as CC]

Hello, all !

After a long time, I finally put up a new version of my scripts. After what 
was said on the list debian-i18n, I've renomed it, and changed the text all
over the place. It's not anymore di18n, the (supposed to be) debian i18n

The new name is "The debian translation monitor". It does the same thing 
than the first one (which was baddly named), that is to say :
Given a debian archive, 
Open all source archive with approriated tools.
Search for po files or nls catalogs.
Make some statistics on po files.
Display them in not so awfull html pages. 
  section by section ;
  package by package (summarized and detailled form) ;
  per categorie of error ; 
  ranking between languages ;

You can see the result of the scripts #ON A SLINK ARCHIVE# at : 

You can download it at :

I search someone with an up to date potato archive, and the willing of
run this script on it to see how potato is translated. It's a pretty 
simple and harmfull perl script. It just take a long time to run the first
time. After it, it has a little DB-like system to do only was is needed...

Thanks for reading my poor english, Mt.

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