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Re: translation Debian Developer's Reference into Japanese

>Hi, I'm Yoshi, a translator of install manual for Japanese.
>Now I translate "Debian Developer's Reference" into Japanese.
>Although I don't know how contribute it to Debian Project at this momet,
>I would like to tell you my working.
>(I would like to debianize this reference.  
>I am applying to become new maintainer now.)

Just like the boot-floppies stuff, I'm eager to offer the CVS area for
use by translators.  I'm not sure how I can package the stuff
properly, but perhaps I should hack the ./debian/rules file to make a
developers-reference-<LANG>_<VER>.deb packages for each language.
We already have french in there currently (a bit out of date).

Your timing is good because I just completed my first pass at putting
language-independant materials in a separate, shared file.  Please let
me know what else I can do to the Debian source tree to make life
easier for translators.

Assuming that the translations are all centrally collected in this one
module, this kinda implies (not necessarily, though) that I am doing
releases of the translated versions.  This way, I could take care up
uploading all localized versions of the developers-reference whenever
I did a release.  OTOH, there are probably downsides to this -- would
I wait to do a release until all translations caught up?  Or would we
just build/upload only the packages for the languages which are
complete?  (And how could that work with dpkg-buildpackage).

Well, lets fool around with it and see what works.

Maintainer or not, I'm definately willing to give you (since you've
already shown me you know what your doing) CVS access to the area.
Should I set you up with the same user/pass you use the boot-floppies

To others who are interested, I extend at least read-only access to
the developers-reference (send me patches), and read-write access to
any serious translators who show they know how to make valid SGML and
use CVS.

The CVSROOT is cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-doc, module is

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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