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Re: dselect-beginner.ja.sgml ?

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> If you would like to point to language-specific URLs for urls.ent,
> rather than copying that file and modifying it, you should use the
> language switches to override the entities:
>   <![ %lang-ja [ <!entity url-debian-policy
>     "http://www.debian.or.jp/Documents/Documents_ja/debian-policy/";> ]]>
>   <!entity url-debian-policy "http://&www-debian-org;/doc/debian-policy/";>
> This way, we don't have to have a different urls.ent for each
> language, but just have the one and override it by language where
> applicable.  What do you think of that?

OK. Then I'll edit urls.ent in this way.

> One other issue: is there anyone working on
> boot-floppies/utilities/dinstall/messages/lang_ja.h ?  This file is
> used by the documentation system to create messages.ent, which is used
> in the documentation.  I can't really publish a proper translation
> without it...?

Yes. This file is translated by Akira YOSHIYAMA
<yosshy@tkf.att.ne.jp> for the boot-floppies-ja package of Debian JP

But the Debian installation system of the present boot-floppies
package can't deal with Japanese, and the messages of the installation
system is actually English. If the language of the messages is
different between on the actual installation system and on the manual,
won't users confuse?

Yoshizumi Endo <y-endo@ceres.dti.ne.jp>

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