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Re: tranlating the Debian Installation Manual

In message <[🔎] 19990304170253.O26366@finlandia.artis.uni-oldenburg.de> you wrote:
>Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> German:		Philipp Frauenfelder <pfrauenf@debian.org>
>> 		Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.north.de>
>See the installmanual-de package.  The current one is being proofread
>at the moment and will be released within the next days.

Cool, but as I said before, I would like to integrate the translations 
of the installation manuals into the boot-floppies CVS area.  You need
(currently) to be a debian developer to access the boot-floppies cvs 
area; however, I am willing to keep the cvs copy of any translations 
of the install manual in that area up-to-date myself.

The idea is that if we but the 'DE' version of the install manual
into the boot-floppies package, we can build pure 'DE' boot-floppies.
Sure, I'll have to make a few changes, but I'm waiting to have a file
in there at all before I can do the changes and test the infrastructure.

Also the idea is a central collection point for the documentation, 
which will allow me to publish multi-lingual boot-floppies from the
web site, complete with content negotiation.

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