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i18n'g the Debian Menu System

Hello all,

  This is a internationalization proposal for the Debian Menu System.

  The current 'update-menus' method seek /usr/lib/menu/default, /usr/lib/menu
 and /etc/menu for the package's menu entries.

  A first approach may be:

    1. Check the LANG or LC_ALL var
    2. If it's different than 'C', 'uk' or 'en*' then add the
       `/usr/lib/menu/$LANG' path to the seek (if the dir exists).

  The update-menus program must override the menu files provide in
/usr/lib/menu/default and /usr/lib/menu to allow the local menu file be
the authorative menu file.

  Then, we will find in /usr/lib/menu a similar structure as /usr/share/locale
has. Later, may be it will be moved to /usr/share/menu (as the update-menus
check the packages installed in the machine, there will be no problem
sharing /usr/share between machines with diferent packages installed).

  For the maitainers, this model implies have diferent menu files in theirs
packages (just a bit diferent). Something like this:

>/usr/lib/menu/gimp :
>?package(gimp):command="/usr/X11R6/bin/gimp" icon="none" needs="X11" \
>               section="Apps/Graphics" title="The GIMP"
>/usr/lib/menu/es_ES/gimp :
>?package(gimp):command="/usr/X11R6/bin/gimp" icon="none" needs="X11" \
>               section="Apliaciones/Gráficos" title="El GIMP"

  Well, it's just a simple proposal. Comments are welcome.

Tinguaro Barreno Delgado

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