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Re: Package translations...

Thanks for your reply,

From: Anthony Wong <hajime@asunaro.ml.org>
Subject: Re: Package translations...
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 00:25:02 +0800
Message-ID: <19990122002502.B746@asunaro.ml.org>

> |I think two ways are on the table.
> |1.  All Packages Files ard in the same file
> |2.  Language-depend description files are to be installed by user's |request.
> |We take the second way for the present.

> I can see that the benefit is easier to manage on the maintainer's side,
> because he doesn't need to take care all the translations submissions.
> But from the user point of view, the one-package-for-all scheme looks like
> to be the best.

I totally agree with you.
1. All Package One file -> User Friendly
2. One Laguage One file -> Manitainer Friendly

We take second way.  Because it is maintainer friendly.

It would be better to implement the i18n mechanism inside dpkg in
future, but I am now talking with the "as-is" implementation of our

It totally works fine with present framework of dpkg, I think it would
be good start point to i18n.


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