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Re: initial font

On Mon, Nov 23, 1998 at 11:57:29AM +0000, Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:
> For a boot floppy I am interested in a space-saving way of getting a
> console font with a few extra characters.
> Presumably the kernel itself contains some initial font. Can this
> initial font be redefined - preferably without recompiling the kernel,
> if possible?
> Otherwise, is the kernel's initial font universally fixed so that I can
> safely add a few characters to it at run time without worring about
> incompatible styles? What about the size of the initial font? Is this
> guarranteed to be 8x16?
> (Basically I'm asking which of those two approaches would be less of a
> maintenance hazzard.)

I think there's no need to mess with the kernel -- simply use the FONT
option in syslinux.cfg.  From the documentation:

> FONT filename
> 	Load a font in .psf format before displaying any output
> 	(except the copyright line, which is output as ldlinux.sys
> 	itself is loaded.)  SYSLINUX only loads the font onto the
> 	video card; if the .psf file contains a Unicode table it is
> 	ignored.  This only works on EGA and VGA cards; hopefully it
> 	should do nothing on others.

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