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How do I add Japanese support correctly ?


I've done it: I've reinstalled all the system from zero. I formated the
root and kept only the /home and /urs/local which are on separate
partitions. Changed only a little the default files to be able to run X
xserver-xtt-svga (the scripts didn't make the
/etc/X11/window-managers so I've used the one I have had before erasing
everything). Also modified the:

/etc/ldconfig <- was empty
/etc/modules <- load sound drivers
/etc/init.d/network <- I use kernel 1.2.126
/etc/exim.conf <- my own settings

Installed the kernel 2.1.126 (used kernel-package to make my customized
Installed SKK, XEmacs-mule with cana and wnn. Netscape Communicator
4.5.  They all work. 

How do I set correctly the locale (and my debian) to be able to:
1. program easy in GTK with Japanese support
2. keep all the messages the system gives me in English



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