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Re: Fonts...

On Fri, Nov 13, 1998 at 12:20:01AM -0500, beland@CERCA.UMontreal.CA wrote:
> > Could anybody please direct me to the information on how to load
> > needed font as soon as possible?  At the moment, I think that the
> > first chance place is /etc/rc.boot, where init looks during start-up.
> > Is it possible to do the same thing even earlier?
> I think that the standard way to change the console font is by modifying
> the file /etc/kbd/config.  For example, the line
> CONSOLE_FONT=iso01.f16
> would load the font iso01.f16 from directory
> /usr/share/consolefonts/.

This is exactly what I meant.  kbd sets the font when /etc/rc.boot/kbd is run.
I would like to see the font loaded when the kernel is loaded (or starts) or,
at least, just earlier than /etc/rc.boot/kbd is executed.


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