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Re: Fixkeys Mini Howto

On Mon, Sep 14, 1998 at 12:36:56PM +0200, Hans wrote:
> > I suspect most, perhaps even all, the issues addressed in this howto
> > were fixed in Debian 2.0 as a result of the Debian Keyboard
> > Configuration Project (anyone have a working URL for it?). Can someone
> > who has followed this more closely than I please confirm this?
> >
> Okay, I myself am well aware of this project since I followed it with much
> interest as I already said I've been busy here and then with this keybaord
> stuff for two years.
> Here's the url:
> http://schwarz.developer.debian.org/kbd/index.html
> And here's whats on their page:
> The home page of the Debian Keyboard Configuration Project has been
> removed from this server since the project was unmaintained for several
> months. If you are intrested in taking over these pages, please drop me a
> note. 
> Christian Schwarz

That's a result of Christian having left Debian. I'm not sure if there's an
up to date page available.

> This project not getting anywhere was one of the reasons for me to write
> this little howto. It's just a start, and there are others like it. But
> this howto tries to address the core of the problem. And I am activly
> trying to get redhat to include these fixes and other distributions i hope
> will follow, if debian is interested in my work please drop me a note.

Debian has fixed at least the backspace/delete behaviour as of 2.0; I'm not
sure about other issues.

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