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Fixkeys Mini Howto

I joust notice this on freshmeat:
:Fixkeys is a mini howto
:on howto get your keys to work once and for all
:under linux.. This howto comes with a few example config files. And doesn't
:only explain what you should change but also why. I've been using and
:refining this setup for 2 years now and it works great. Please check it out
:as I hope to get Red Hat, Debian and other distributions to include this to
:really fix key problems out of the box. Also please contact me with any

I suspect most, perhaps even all, the issues addressed in this howto were
fixed in Debian 2.0 as a result of the Debian Keyboard Configuration Project
(anyone have a working URL for it?). Can someone who has followed this more
closely than I please confirm this?

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