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Re: fixing backspace and delete

On 22 Apr, Petr Kolar wrote:

>> system keymap, setting keycode 14 to backspace and keycode 111 to
>> delete.
>    Is not better to map keycode 14 to delete and keycode 111 to remove (and
> later to "\e[3~") and let Ctrl-H to be backspace? Does eg. 'info' work with 
> your setting?

In info both the backspace and delete key will erase to the left
(backspace). Since the arrow keys do not seem to work in
info (and many other apps) delete can't be used anyway (sad but true). I
have not yet found problems with the remap-method, the backspace-key
always works (deletes to the left). The delete-key mostly works as well,
although in e.g. rm, mv (mmm... all the GNU apps), ftp it generates ^?.
I have never been able to get those apps to do both right, with or
without remapping (ncftp is much nicer anyway...). BTW, in these apps
the cursor keys don't work either.
	If you map keycode 14 to delete, I think the delete button will 
generate ^H. This way the delete key will probably always do a
backspace. I have briefly tried configuring the keys without remapping,
however, I couldn't get pine and pico right without breaking others
(e.g. joe). The good thing of the remapping is that it makes the
mapping consistent between the console and X.
	I guess we just have to test all apps we can think of with the
remapping method to see if it's good enough. Try me:-)

Regards, Anne

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