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Re: cyrillization

Browsing through old mails, I read:

Marco d'Itri writes:
 > On Oct 13, Michael Bravo <mbravo@tctube.spb.su> wrote:
 >  >1) default cyrillic console fonts (koi8 ones) in Debian package are not
 >  >standards-compliant - they have pseudographics in wrong places. Should I file
 >  >a bug?
 > Yes. If someone finds a font with an incorrect or incomplete encoding should
 > file a bug. We also need a table stating the encoding of every font we have.

That's not necessary indeed, as long as the font file includes a
so-called "unicode-map" (only PSF files can do that for now - use
"file <fontfile>" to check that), AND there is what I call an
"application charset map" loaded which defines the encoding used by

Note that current kbd (0.95) cannot do the latter, though the
functionnality is in the kernel since a long time indeed.
console-tools, which I'm finishing to package for slink, can do that.

 >  >3) I would like to discuss the problem of cyrillic users related to the
 >  >presence of at least three actively used encodings - cp866 (DOS; OS/2), koi8
 >  >(defacto UNIX- and Internet-world standard), and cp1251 (MS products).
 > I don't know if there is really much to discuss. We should support keymaps
 > for all three encoding, and maybe extra encoding via HYPER and SUPER keys.
 > (Please read my keyboard maps rationalization draft on the web pages of
 > the list.)

Ideally, the keymap should be encoding-independant
(ie. unicode-defined).  But this means hacking the console-driver.

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