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Re: Translations for new boot floppies

Enrique Zanardi writes:
 > IIRC, there are no font files in the root floppy. We should add support
 > for different console fonts if(when) we add message catalogs for non-latin1
 > languages. OTOH, most of those files are not too big (~4 or 5 KB
 > uncompressed) so it won't be hard to add a few fonts more.

OK, let's forget that till the messages files are there.

 > > But I can
 > > replace calls to "loadkeys file" by "zcat -f file | loadkeys", but
 > > your own zcat will have to support "-f" in order for the script to be
 > > portable enough (ie. loading uncompressed keymaps too).
 > > 
 > > If it doesn't, I can still provide the "zcat file | loadkeys"
 > > behaviour by adding a command-line switch.
 > > 
 > > Please tell me what is to be done. kbd is the next package I'll work
 > > on, if no critical bugs appear in e2fsprogs or tkman.
 > Well, as the problem is in loadkeys (we don't use kbdconfig in the
 > install system) I still think the best solution is changing "gzip -c -d %s"
 > in loadkeys to "zcat <%s". (Note the "<". "zcat" in the root floppy is a 
 > filter, it only uncompresses stdin to stdout). The "con" is that it won't
 > work on systems where zcat is not the gzip one but the older compress
 > one (not too much of a concern for Linux systems).

Hmmm... I don't like this idea much. Maybe it would cost less if you
just make the floppies invoke "zcat <file | loadkeys" ?

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