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Re: policy for translated manpages for section 1 ?

Enrique Zanardi writes:
 > On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Yann Dirson wrote:
 > > I guess translated manpages should be included in the relevant
 > > packages, with probably a notice as to which version of the software
 > > they document.
 > The con is that packages get very big with all translated documentation,
 > that you will have to download, even if you won't use it. 
 > Perhaps we should define as a long term goal to implement a package
 > transfer method that allows the user to consistently exclude some files
 > from the package before transmission. (What about defining complementary
 > packages foo_<V>-<R>.deb.<LANG> for foo_<V>-<R>.deb translated docs? )

Yes, I thought about that.  Then wished languages could be chosen via

LC_MESSAGES files would probably go in the same packages, too.

I think something like foo_<V>-<R>_all-<LANG>.deb would a possible
choice for a naming scheme.

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