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policy for translated manpages for section 1 ?

I just remarked a problem with the section 1 manpages being in the
overall manpage packages:

* fr/man1/lpr.1 (from "manpages-fr") documents the "standard" lpr software
* lpr on my system is the one from the "lprng" package, which has lots
of other features.

This is just an example.  This policy (?) of including section 1
manpages in localized manpage-packages does show out problems.  I
guess that's why the standard english manpage-package do not include
sections 1, 6 and such.

I guess translated manpages should be included in the relevant
packages, with probably a notice as to which version of the software
they document.

Should there be a policy set up on this issue on debian level ?  It is
IMHO a problem which should be (and probably already has been) raised
on a higher level (translating teams, I think).

Has anyone clues on this subject ?

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