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I was redirected here with the discussion of cyrillic fonts for X in Debian.
I also took a peek at Christian Schwarz's debian-kbd page. However, since I
subscribed to this list, it seems to be pretty dead (zero messages). Am I
mistaken or do I have some general list subscription problem?

To give some useful content, here are some things I'd like to discuss/ask:

1) default cyrillic console fonts (koi8 ones) in Debian package are not
standards-compliant - they have pseudographics in wrong places. Should I file
a bug?

2) I would like to add some cyrillic fonts for X to the existing package
xfntcyr, and, possibly, create a new one which will go to non-free or
contrib, as well as package up a couple of 'external' X keyboard switchers,
pending my registration as Debian developer.

3) I would like to discuss the problem of cyrillic users related to the
presence of at least three actively used encodings - cp866 (DOS; OS/2), koi8
(defacto UNIX- and Internet-world standard), and cp1251 (MS products).

4) I would be delighted someone to sched some light on the actual workings of
current locales packages (both for stable and hamm), and why a lot of prorams
doesn't use locale (example - the most standard GNU sort uses strcmp() where it
should use strcoll() )

5) terminfo inconsistencies - why does mc function key handling break when in
an xterm?

And so on.

Best regards,

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