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Re: kbd config

On Sep 25, jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote
> AFAIK it the usual behaviour for programs that have both global and per-user
> configuration files to first process the global one, and then the user one.
Not always true.
- For example fvwm2 reads the global config file only if there is not .fvwm2rc
  in your homedir.
- The global xsession file only starts the default window manager if you don't
  have a .xsession file in your homedir.

On the other hand, some programs read both. An example is Mutt. It first parses
the global and then the personal config file.

So both flavors are possible and used. We should decide which of these two
possibilities makes the most sense.
> So, would it be possible to try /etc/inputrc and then ~/.inputrc?
I think it's best if both are parsed. Not because it's usual behaviour of
other programs but because IMHO it makes the most sense in this case.

Just my Fl 0.02,
	Jeroen van der Most

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