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Re: netdde translator crashing

João Pedro Malhado, le jeu. 15 avril 2021 10:44:02 +0200, a ecrit:
> OK, here it goes.

> Thread 8 (process 7):
> warning: Unexpected size of section `.reg2/7' in core file.
> #0  0x08187f26 in ddekit_thread_get_my_data () at ../../libddekit/thread.c:148
> No locals.

Ok, that's much clearer :)

So in the end it wasn't a good idea to run machdev_trivfs_server
in a separate thread, that completely confuses the dde stack about
thread-local variables. I'll upload a fixed hurd-libs0.3 package version

> #2  0x0808390c in e100_hw_init (nic=nic@entry=0x704a0) at ./dde/e100.c:1500
>         err = <optimized out>
>         __func__ = "e100_hw_init"

that I have now tested with the e100 driver, then.


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