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Re: netdde translator crashing

On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 12:01:01AM +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> João Pedro Malhado, le mar. 13 avril 2021 23:17:29 +0200, a ecrit: 
> > Core was generated by `/hurd/netdde'.
> Right.
> What does 
> info files
> say?

Ok, this is attached.

> > In any case I have regenerated the core file, and still getting the same output
> > only with a different pid.
> Ok, and I guess it matches the netdde process pid?


> > To avoid confusion, and in case it is relevant, /hurd/netdde crashes not when
> > the settrans -a command is issued, but when bringing up the network card with
> > ifup.
> Which configuration do you use? static or dhcp?

The crash happens when dhcp is configured.
Trying a static configuration there is no crash and I get

inetutils-ifconfig: SIOCSIFADDR failed: No such device

The output of

showtrans /dev/eth0


/hurd/devnode -M /dev/net eth0

GNU gdb (Debian 10.1-2)
Copyright (C) 2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
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Reading symbols from /hurd/netdde...
Reading symbols from /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/75/1a5c6946ab4fcb323c6f29189856a02d2f9880.debug...

warning: core file may not match specified executable file.
[New process 709]
[New process 1]
[New process 2]
[New process 3]
[New process 4]
[New process 5]
[New process 6]
[New process 7]

warning: Unexpected size of section `.reg2/709' in core file.
Core was generated by `/hurd/netdde'.
Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

warning: Unexpected size of section `.reg2/709' in core file.
#0  0x010a269c in ?? ()
[Current thread is 1 (process 709)]
Symbols from "/hurd/netdde".
Local core dump file:
	`/root/core', file type elf32-i386.
	0x00001000 - 0x0002f000 is load1
	0x0002f000 - 0x00030000 is load2
	0x00030000 - 0x00031000 is load3
	0x00031000 - 0x00032000 is load4
	0x01033000 - 0x01037000 is load5
	0x01037000 - 0x0103d000 is load6
	0x0103d000 - 0x0103f000 is load7
	0x0103f000 - 0x01044000 is load8
	0x01044000 - 0x01045000 is load9
	0x01045000 - 0x01046000 is load10
	0x01046000 - 0x0104e000 is load11
	0x0104e000 - 0x0104f000 is load12
	0x0104f000 - 0x01050000 is load13
	0x01050000 - 0x01059000 is load14
	0x01059000 - 0x0105a000 is load15
	0x0105a000 - 0x0105b000 is load16
	0x0105b000 - 0x0106b000 is load17
	0x0106b000 - 0x0106c000 is load18
	0x0106c000 - 0x0106d000 is load19
	0x0106d000 - 0x0107b000 is load20
	0x0107b000 - 0x0107c000 is load21
	0x0107c000 - 0x0107d000 is load22
	0x0107d000 - 0x0107f000 is load23
	0x0107f000 - 0x01080000 is load24
	0x01080000 - 0x01081000 is load25
	0x01081000 - 0x012c3000 is load26
	0x012c4000 - 0x012c6000 is load27
	0x012c6000 - 0x012cc000 is load28
	0x012cc000 - 0x012e3000 is load29
	0x012e3000 - 0x012e4000 is load30
	0x012e4000 - 0x012e5000 is load31
	0x012e5000 - 0x012e8000 is load32
	0x012e8000 - 0x012e9000 is load33
	0x012e9000 - 0x012eb000 is load34
	0x012eb000 - 0x012f5000 is load35
	0x012f5000 - 0x012f6000 is load36
	0x012f6000 - 0x012f7000 is load37
	0x012f7000 - 0x01311000 is load38
	0x01312000 - 0x01313000 is load39
	0x01313000 - 0x01316000 is load40
	0x01316000 - 0x0134d000 is load41
	0x0134d000 - 0x0134e000 is load42
	0x0134e000 - 0x0134f000 is load43
	0x0134f000 - 0x01369000 is load44
	0x01369000 - 0x0136a000 is load45
	0x0136a000 - 0x0136b000 is load46
	0x0136b000 - 0x013a1000 is load47
	0x013a1000 - 0x013a2000 is load48
	0x013a2000 - 0x013ab000 is load49
	0x013ab000 - 0x013ad000 is load50
	0x013ad000 - 0x013ae000 is load51
	0x013ae000 - 0x013af000 is load52
	0x013af000 - 0x013b7000 is load53
	0x013b7000 - 0x013b8000 is load54
	0x013b8000 - 0x013b9000 is load55
	0x013b9000 - 0x013bc000 is load56
	0x013bc000 - 0x013bd000 is load57
	0x013bd000 - 0x013cf000 is load58
	0x013cf000 - 0x013d0000 is load59
	0x013d0000 - 0x01421000 is load60
	0x01500000 - 0x01521000 is load61
	0x01600000 - 0x016f6000 is load62
	0x01804000 - 0x02004000 is load63
	0x02005000 - 0x02805000 is load64
	0x02806000 - 0x03006000 is load65
	0x03007000 - 0x03807000 is load66
	0x03808000 - 0x04008000 is load67
	0x04009000 - 0x04809000 is load68
	0x0480a000 - 0x0500a000 is load69
	0x0500b000 - 0x0580b000 is load70
	0x0580c000 - 0x0600c000 is load71
	0x08048000 - 0x0832e000 is load72
	0x0832e000 - 0x08334000 is load73
	0x08334000 - 0x0835c000 is load74
	0x10000000 - 0x10022000 is load75
	While running this, GDB does not access memory from...
Local exec file:
	`/hurd/netdde', file type elf32-i386.
	Entry point: 0x8055af0
	0x08048174 - 0x0804817f is .interp
	0x08048180 - 0x080481a4 is .note.gnu.build-id
	0x080481a4 - 0x080481c4 is .note.ABI-tag
	0x080481c4 - 0x0804831c is .gnu.hash
	0x0804831c - 0x08048bbc is .dynsym
	0x08048bbc - 0x08049459 is .dynstr
	0x0804945a - 0x0804956e is .gnu.version
	0x08049570 - 0x080495f0 is .gnu.version_r
	0x080495f0 - 0x08055190 is .rel.dyn
	0x08055190 - 0x080554a0 is .rel.plt
	0x080554a0 - 0x080554c0 is .init
	0x080554c0 - 0x08055af0 is .plt
	0x08055af0 - 0x0824aae4 is .text
	0x0824aae4 - 0x0827e2dc is .devinit.text
	0x0827e2dc - 0x0827e49e is .spinlock.text
	0x0827e49e - 0x0827e4de is .exit.text
	0x0827e4de - 0x0827e597 is .devexit.text
	0x0827e5a0 - 0x0827f885 is .sched.text
	0x0827f885 - 0x0827fc5a is .cpuinit.text
	0x0827fc60 - 0x08280cf1 is .ref.text
	0x08280cf4 - 0x08280d08 is .fini
	0x08280d80 - 0x082b77e1 is .rodata
	0x082b7800 - 0x082b82fb is .devinit.rodata
	0x082b8300 - 0x082b837f is .init.rodata
	0x082b8380 - 0x082b83e7 is __tracepoints_strings
	0x082b83e8 - 0x082cca3c is .eh_frame_hdr
	0x082cca3c - 0x0832d700 is .eh_frame
	0x0832e7d0 - 0x0832e7d4 is .tbss
	0x0832e7d0 - 0x0832e7d4 is .init_array
	0x0832e7d4 - 0x0832e7d8 is .fini_array
	0x0832e7d8 - 0x0832e960 is .ctors
	0x0832e960 - 0x08333e94 is .data.rel.ro
	0x08333e94 - 0x08333fcc is .dynamic
	0x08333fcc - 0x08333fe4 is .got
	0x08333ff4 - 0x08334188 is .got.plt
	0x08334200 - 0x08351808 is .data
	0x08351820 - 0x08353a78 is .devinit.data
	0x08353a80 - 0x083540c0 is .init.data
	0x083540c0 - 0x08354160 is __tracepoints
	0x08354180 - 0x0835b454 is .bss

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