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Bug#978098: webkit2gtk: Re-enable build for hurd-i386? Debian Hurd network configuration help + docs gnumach_1.8+git20201129-4_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Hurd on real hardware: My network stopped working. hurd_0.9.git20201127-2_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20201127-3_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20201127-4_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20201127-5_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable mig_1.8+git20200618-5_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable PHP 7.4 on Debian GNU/Hurd Re: Porter roll call for Debian Bullseye Processed: unarchiving 838392, forcibly merging 913965 845132, archiving 838392 Processing of gnumach_1.8+git20201129-4_source.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20201127-2_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20201127-3_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20201127-4_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20201127-5_source-all.changes Processing of mig_1.8+git20200618-5_source.changes sem_open is coming! The last update was on 18:40 GMT Tue Dec 29. There are 35 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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