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Re: Hurd's libc and pthread_[gs]etaffinity_np api

Julien Puydt, le mer. 19 août 2020 12:20:23 +0200, a ecrit:
> my src:flint package fails to build on hurd-i386 because the
> pthread_[gs]etaffinity_np api isn't available in the libc there.
> That seems strange since I have seen (via the exodar.debian.net
> porterbox) that it was using a glibc 2.31, while this api is supposed
> to be available since 2.3.2.

APIs with the _np suffix (non-portable) are implementation-specific.
Linux introduced it, but it was not introduced on the Hurd yet.

> But I couldn't also open a bug report on the Debian side, since the
> libc0.3 package doesn't exist in the BTS,

Yes, that's the problem with ports.


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