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Re: Bug#947960: gdal: Doesn't build on ports without java

Control: tags -1 wontfix moreinfo

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for the patch, but as long as the Architecture field doesn't
support excludes like Build-Depends I'm not willing to apply it.
Experience with mapnik has shown that maintaining the list of
architectures manually is a PITA.

I'd rather not have gdal (and everything that depends on it) on those
architectures than deal with manually maintaining the list of
architectures where it's possible to build it.

libgdal-java only has 3 votes in popcon (and no rdeps), so I'd rather
drop that entirely than not build the Java bits on architectures where
openjdk is not available.

Is there a particular reason you want to build gdal on hppa, hurd &
kfreebsd? Is it blocking any important packages? I can't imagine actual
users of gdal on those archs, but it may be a lack of imagination on my

Kind Regards,


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