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Re: Bug#947960: gdal: Doesn't build on ports without java


Sebastiaan Couwenberg, le jeu. 02 janv. 2020 20:51:43 +0100, a ecrit:
> as long as the Architecture field doesn't
> support excludes like Build-Depends I'm not willing to apply it.

I agree that the arch list maintenance burden is problematic. Does
anybody know if some effort has been started to enable excludes there?

> Is there a particular reason you want to build gdal on hppa, hurd &
> kfreebsd? Is it blocking any important packages?

It is directly blocking various packages (see attached list), and from
there, by dependency, 81 packages in total on hurd-i386.

> I can't imagine actual users of gdal on those archs, but it may be a
> lack of imagination on my part.

direct users, possibly not indeed, but indirectly you quickly get
packages which can be obstacle to other things, e.g. a positioning
package that would happen to be used by widgets of desktop environments.


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