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Re: Debian HURD is not booting after install in Virtual Box VM

On 3/02/19 11:27 am, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Hello,
> Jeffrey Walton, le sam. 02 févr. 2019 14:19:24 -0500, a ecrit:
>> I'm trying to install HURD into a Virtual Box VM on Windows.
> I don't think anybody tried that setup.

This was the setup I was working with some years ago. The same issue
occured on first install of the Debian's (then) latest image download link.

VirtualBox requires the VM to be 32-bit with the same extensions pack
installed as if a standard Linux Debian VM was to be used. Without these
a pile of confusing device issues occur.

Using a command line manual settrans for the NIC translator[1] instead
of automatic detection by the installer seemed to resolve the issue.
Once that is in place repeat the network setup step(s). Their automatic
detection should work fine the second time around.

The issue did not reappear for me with newer images re-install so am not
completely sure if it was an image or Debian Installer issue.

Unfortunately that Windows box is long gone so I have not been able to
check the latest network LWIP or libc updates in the area and cannot
provide more help than this old memory. Good luck.

[1] similar to the settrans described at


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