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Re: Porting rust


Josh Triplett, le lun. 05 nov. 2018 21:02:32 -0800, a ecrit:
> Speaking with an upstream Rust hat on in addition to a Debian hat:
> what could Rust do to make life easier for porters?

After Adrian's announce I tried to have a brief look at the Hurd port.

I appreciated a *lot* that the Debian cross-bootstrap way is documented
and works nicely :)

I am however a bit overwhelmed by the task of filling the
src/liblibc/src/ os-specific .rs files which basically describe each and
every structure, function macro etc. provided by the system.  Is there
no way to generate these from the glibc headers?  Writing them by hand
is both tedious and error-prone, but I didn't find a porting guide that
would describe another way.


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