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Re: Lwip 2.0.3 patches


Joan Lledó, le lun. 30 avril 2018 13:11:11 +0200, a ecrit:
> I've been working on the lwip package and have some patches for the release 2.0.3. These patches include:

I have applied them and fixed the build on Linux.

> About patches getting to upstream:
> - Not intended to be upstream
>   autoconf
>   port

Why not?  Did they say they were not interested with a way to build lwip
as userland library?

> - Already upstream  
>   errno
>   bug-36167
>   poll

Cool :)

> - Won't get to upstream
>   posix

Similarly, why not?

>   max_sockets

I guess they didn't want to cripple their source code?  It's arguably
not very intrusive...

> I have to say I haven't added support for DHCP in this series of patches, because there're two posible solutions depending on the result of a bug report[1] I sent over the isc-dhcp-client package.



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