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Re: Debian Archive architecture removals

Justus Winter, le Mon 20 Apr 2015 12:50:44 +0200, a écrit :
> Quoting Joerg Jaspert (2015-04-20 00:22:08)
> > We'll be removing HURD, as discussed, from the ftp-master archive after
> > the Jessie release.
> I never quite understood the benefit of removing the Hurd port from
> ftp-master.  Anyone?

Disk size and sync bandwidth, I think. Which is really understandable
considering the actual use of appearing on all Debian mirrors.

> I for one am tired of this discussion popping up each Debian release,
> and I only had to endure it twice now.  Let's ditch Debian in favor of
> a less hostile downstream distribution.  I guess Debian isn't quite
> the universal operating system it set out to be, just merely another
> Linux distribution.

Well, at the very least, that'd be a hell lot of work to switch to
another distribution, while we can stay in debian-ports. Guix/Hurd is
very promising as a way to avoid a lot of work, it's just not there
quite yet.

And hurd is not the only port in the current situation.  There are a lot
of ports on debian-ports which make sense, but can not be on par with
more mainstream archs.  I believe something can be done there.

I can't spend more time on discussing this right now (at work), but we
can coordinate an answer on a pad later.


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