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clamav failure on hurd-i386


clamav 0.98.4+dfsg-2 compiled successfully on hurd-i386, but then the build failed due to test-suite errors [1]. The reason for these is that the permission to create a local socket to test the communication between clamd and clamdscan was denied. This works fine for other architectures and also when testing in a hurd virtual machine, so I assume there is a problem with the buildd.

Could you please investigate this, as it wouldn't feel right to disable the test-suite on hurd, because it already helped to discover a hurd-specific bug [2].

Best regards,

1: https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=clamav&arch=hurd-i386&ver=0.98.4%2Bdfsg-2&stamp=1404496399
2: https://bugs.debian.org/752237

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