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Re: Weekly report (4th week) - Debian GNU/Hurd Debianish initialization

Quoting Charlie Derr (2013-07-12 16:50:51)
> On 07/12/2013 10:40 AM, Justus Winter wrote:
> > Hi :)
> >
> > Quoting Charlie Derr (2013-07-12 16:08:16)
> >> Thanks so much for all your efforts.  I immediately attempted to upgrade to your packages on my working install of
> >> debian/GNU hurd.  It's running on an old IBM Netvista.
> >>
> >> I seem to be locked up though before getting a console (I did make the requested addition to my /etc/inittab as you
> >> specified).
> >>
> >> I'll type in the bottom half of the screen output manually (as the network didn't appear to come up, which didn't
> >> actually surprise me -- I thought I'd be able to fix that after loggin in, but I didn't get a chance):
> >>
> >> 2 multiboot modules
> >>
> >>
> >>          task loaded: ext2fs --readonly --multiboot-command-line=root=device:hd0s1 --host-priv-port=1
> >>    --device-master-port=2 --exec-server-task=3 -T typed device:hd0s1
> >> task loaded: exec /hurd/exec
> >>
> >> start ext2fs: Hurd server bootstrap: ext2fs[device:hd0s1] exec init proc auth
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> So is there any hope for recovering this system or do I need to reinstall?
> >
> > I'm also seeing this issue, but it occures only rarely. I think it
> > also happens with the old runsystem.gnu file. I've no idea what causes
> > it though. Try rebooting the machine a couple of times. Anyone got an
> > idea what might be wrong?
> >
> > Justus
> >
> I'm back into the machine, but every time I've tried to boot "normally" it seems to lock up at that same place.
> When I choose "Advanced" from the first boot menu, and then "recovery" from the 2nd, the system (and network) comes up 
> fine.  If there is specific troubleshooting I should do beyond this, please let me know what to try (in order to fix the 
> "normal" boot process).

Okay, so you're saying that

1. if you use the default entry, the system hangs and "INIT: version
   2.88 booting" is *not* displayed.

2. if you use the recovery entry, the system boots, "INIT: ver..."
   *is* displayed and you get dropped to a shell?

As far as I can tell, the only difference between normal and recovery
is the -s flag in the mach command line. /hurd/init handles this flag,
but does not care. /etc/hurd/runsystem.sysv also parses this flag, and
if it finds it, it adds -s to the /sbin/init invocation.

As far as I can see there is nothing to explain this :/


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