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Re: Packages missing in 20130318 netinst iso?

Thanks everyone for your replies. I think the issue is in netdde, so
I'll do some debugging when I have time.

Samuel and Svante are right, I do have halt, reboot, and dhclient.
They were in /sbin, which wasn't in my $PATH variable, so I didn't
realise. My mistake.

> From: James Hunt <krjames987@gmail.com>
> You might need to download the driver module direct from Realtek and mod
> install or whatever...
> I recall having to do something like that with my Wheezy install as the
> drivers aren't Freeware or otherwise incompatible with Debian.
> Cheers
> James

This is strange because I'm using exactly the same hardware with
Debian Squeeze and have used Wheezy in the past. Neither have/had any
problems of this sort. When I go on to the Realtek website and go to
their network driver downloads it just says "LINUX driver (driver has
been built-in the kernel)" with no download link.

Nevermind, as I say I'll do more digging in my own time.

Thanks again, keep up the good work,


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