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Re: [Fwd: Re: [b-d]hurd-i386 myproxy]

tis 2012-07-03 klockan 23:09 -0300 skrev Samuel Thibault:
> Mattias Ellert, le Tue 03 Jul 2012 06:44:19 +0200, a écrit :
> > Under what conditions does hurd return EAGAIN from rename()
> It's not supposed to, and I've never seen it do that.  Is the rename
> perhaps running under fakeroot?  It'd be good that you provide the steps
> to reproduce the issue.
> Samuel

I also had an idea that it was fakeroot that was doing something strange
since the failure happened during a package build on the buildd server.
But it also fails when I try running the test suite directly from the
command line in the chroot on the porterbox (strauss) without using

PATH=.:$PATH ./myproxy-test -startserver -generatecerts

The steps to reproduce it is to try to build the myproxy package on
hurd. You can see from the build logs in the buildd errors like:

Unable to rename /tmp/D_RiobUAO6/.globus/certificates.test.23341.23511/
to /tmp/D_RiobUAO6/.globus/certificates.test.23341/ 
Resource temporarily unavailable

The code that fails is in myproxy.c lines 605-610 in myproxy.c:

        if (rename(tmp_cert_dir, cert_dir) < 0) {
            verror_put_string("Unable to rename %s to %s\n",
                              tmp_cert_dir, cert_dir);
            goto error;

The "Resource temporarily unavailable" is because errno is set to EAGAIN.


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