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Re: Architecture qualification

On 30/05/12 13:10, Philipp Kern wrote:
> I wonder how that makes a difference, even psychologically. We don't mail
> failed builds for hurd-i386 to maintainers for example.

Actually, when looking into kfreebsd-* issues, I find it very helpful to
see hurd-i386 on buildd.d.o, along with log excerpts of build failures
and past build attempts.  As it is the only other non-Linux arch, info
from hurd-i386 buildds is often relevant.

And if I submit a patch for something, I have a habit of checking back
on those pages for 'all green' even though I'm not a maintainer.
Without a hurd-i386 box to test on it may be the only source of feedback.

Steven Chamberlain

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