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Re: Moving the Hurd base servers to pthreads

Thomas Thomas, le Fri 18 May 2012 16:22:47 -0700, a écrit :
> Hi, the same f...riendly fellow here that posted a patch to GNU and ran away.
> I decided to work on patching the Debian sources: the hurd-src 20120408 sources.
> Anyway... so I read that in Debian, pthreads will be provided by libc. As a few of
> you are in the upstream GNU camp too: is that the way that GNU is going to go,
> too?

It's the only way forward.  Without that, pthread_mutex_lock forwarders
are very difficult to properly support.

> To business: I'm trying to build libddekit, which was fun. Unlike the GNU sources,
> it wasn't just looking at the code and saying, "Yep, Barry did the right thing again."
> It was also funny, to me, that I was changing the threading library of a threading
> library. Anyhow, make keeps dieing on me due to an inability to find
> experimental.defs. What package should this be in?

In the Debian gnumach package.


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