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Moving the Hurd base servers to pthreads

Hi, the same f...riendly fellow here that posted a patch to GNU and ran away.
I decided to work on patching the Debian sources: the hurd-src 20120408 sources.
Anyway... so I read that in Debian, pthreads will be provided by libc. As a few of
you are in the upstream GNU camp too: is that the way that GNU is going to go,

To business: I'm trying to build libddekit, which was fun. Unlike the GNU sources,
it wasn't just looking at the code and saying, "Yep, Barry did the right thing again."
It was also funny, to me, that I was changing the threading library of a threading
library. Anyhow, make keeps dieing on me due to an inability to find
experimental.defs. What package should this be in? I just need a copy of it to
continue compilation. As for not having it, I blame the flaky hardware that I'm
working with (free is an excellent price).

Sorry to bother you with this weird question:
Thomas D

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