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I might talk on Gnu/Hurd : FEB/10/2012 : Need you help

I have proposed a talk on Gnu/Hurd at http://gnunify.in/.
I have watched http://audio-video.gnu.org/video/ghm2011/Samuel_Thibault-GNU_Hurd.ogv.
Can you point me to similar material ??

How do you create neighbor hurds and subhurds ?? Are there any
documentations that you recommend ??

I have some doubts after watching the talk
(a) neighbor hurds and subhurds and LXC are there any fundamental differences ??
(b)supposed i am running two isolated neighbor hurds .. each have a
process with ID 1. How will this look from the "global state" (i.e a
state from which you can actually see two two isolated neighbor hurds)
(c) Hardware forwarding over network : like ssh X forwarding on
steroids :) .. would it be possible.
(d) Also is having mutliple pfinet translators .. a fancy way of
saying interface aliasing ?? Are there any differences to interface
(e) Could i bind multiple pfinets to same cards .. can i bind multiple
network stacks on the same card, is this possible in Linux with a
kernel module ??
(f) On Hurd file system is supposed to be the name-space. but fs is an
abstractaction (AFAIK).
So what happens when i chroot into a directory foo, which is a firm
link to / (it is a firm link)
Given that i know nothing about subhurds and neighbor hurds can you
use firm links/bind mounts to try and achive 2 process in the same
machine ( I will explain what i was trying to say if this question
makes any sense).


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