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Re: Thoughts on MAXPATHLEN

Quoting Richard Braun (2012-01-31 09:59:58)
>On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 11:31:58AM -0000, Justus Winter wrote:
>> 1. File bugs for software that uses MAXPATHLEN and co, do so politely
>>    and explain the issues. Talk directly to upstream and *do not*
>>    mention the Hurd.
>Without mentioning there is at least a system out there on which the
>issue is present, upstream will probably just ignore the request.

My point was that there is a system that has those issues, and that
system is Linux (and Hurd, and probably all of the BSDs too).

>> 2. Define MAXPATHLEN and work on more important issues.
>Why not do both ? Fixing those issues is a good way to get a first foot
>in the project.

Well, fixing fixed-sized buffer issues is a good exercise to improve
ones c skills, but I do not see how it helps anyone to get a foot into
the Hurd project if he fixed a bug in e.g. nautilus or tar.

Fixing real problems related to Hurd, gnumach, mig, the documentation
and Debian or Arch integration and packaging is much more helpful for
both Hurd users and the project itself.


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