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Re: Packages remaining at debian-ports

Svante Signell, le Thu 26 Jan 2012 18:18:30 +0100, a écrit :
>   binutils: #629866
>   gcc-4.4: see binutils, #629866
>   gcc-4.6: see binutils, #629866

This still needs to be worked on, but we can probably release without.

>   cardmgr-gnumach: Move to Hurd or obsolete?
>   gopherfs: Move to Hurdextras?
>   netio: move to Hurd?
>   random-egd: obsolete?
>   wireless-tools-gnumach: Move to Hurd/obsolete?
>   tarfs: move to Hurdextras, to package!

I'd say just keep them as such until we get to fix them if needed and add
to debian.

>   console-driver-xkb: Move to Hurd?

Ideally, yes, but see the mailing list: there were some concerns with
the code there, which weren't addressed.

> x gch6, still unsolved!

Yes, unfortunately. That would bring us quite a few packages.

>   grub2: decide on partition sizes, 
> -  parted: #649741 + decide on partition sizes

As said, we need to decide on this.

> -  guile-1.8: #646544 (guile-2.0 in experimental, #630415)
> -  hyperestraier: #558586
> - icon: #654386
> -  mx: #648187
> -  qdbm: #648663, #648649
> -  webkit: #649192
> -  ruby-1.9.1: #648055
> -  pulseaudio: SA_NOCLDWAIT, #573339

In principle we can just wait.

>   hdf5: ports: 1.8.4-5, sid:1.8.8-5: remove

Yes, that can be removed now.

>   ifupdown: TODO/obsolete?

It's part of whether we are fine with the current network startup (which
does not play well with dhcp), or we really support ifupdown.

> -  isc-dhcp: #616290

See the recent thread: we probably need to discuss directly with upstream.

>   libdrm: ports: 2.4.23-1, sid: 2.4.29-1 (not for us)
>   libusb: ports: 0.1.12-13, sid: 0.1.12-20 (not for us)

This *needs* to be worked on.

> x- lockdev: ports: 1.0.3-1.4+hurd.1, sid: #(soon reported bug)
> x  sane-backend-extras: # TODO, WIP!


>   screen: ports: 4.0.3-14+hurd.1 (remove?), sid: 4.0.3-14

No removal! the sid package is still buggy! We'll probably NMU it if
nothing happens before the freeze.

>   sudo: ports: 1.8.3-2 sid: 1.8.3-3: FTBFS: build-dep on libselinux1-dev

Indeed, we need to ask the maintainer for making the dep linux-any.


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