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Packages remaining at debian-ports


I tried to summarize the situation at
ftp://debian-ports.org/debian/pool-hurd-i386/main as also written down
at the debian-hurd wiki page: http://wiki.debian.org/Debian_GNU/Hurd,
see the attached text file.

Looks like there are soon only one/two packages left to keep at ports:
ghc6 and sane-backend-extras (WIP). This information will be used as
some statistics for the upcoming draft: Bits from the GNU/Hurd porters
to be sent to the list later today (hopefully) for review, as suggested
by Samuel on IRC recently.

I think it is important to show our presence, especially before FOSDEM
Feb 4-5 and the Debian bug squashing party in Paris, Feb 17-19.

Summary of packages left at Debian-ports:

  binutils: #629866
  cardmgr-gnumach: Move to Hurd or obsolete?
  console-driver-xkb: Move to Hurd?
  gcc-4.4: see binutils, #629866
  gcc-4.6: see binutils, #629866
x gch6, still unsolved!
  gopherfs: Move to Hurdextras?
  grub2: decide on partition sizes, 
-  guile-1.8: #646544 (guile-2.0 in experimental, #630415)
  hdf5: ports: 1.8.4-5, sid:1.8.8-5: remove
-  hyperestraier: #558586
- icon: #654386
  ifupdown: TODO/obsolete?
-  isc-dhcp: #616290
x- lockdev: ports: 1.0.3-1.4+hurd.1, sid: #(soon reported bug)
  libdrm: ports: 2.4.23-1, sid: 2.4.29-1 (not for us)
  libusb: ports: 0.1.12-13, sid: 0.1.12-20 (not for us)
-  mx: #648187
  netio: move to Hurd?
-  parted: #649741 + decide on partition sizes
-  pulseaudio: SA_NOCLDWAIT, #573339
-  qdbm: #648663, #648649
  random-egd: obsolete?
-  ruby-1.9.1: #648055
x  sane-backend-extras: # TODO, WIP!
  screen: ports: 4.0.3-14+hurd.1 (remove?), sid: 4.0.3-14
  sudo: ports: 1.8.3-2 sid: 1.8.3-3: FTBFS: build-dep on libselinux1-dev
  tarfs: move to Hurdextras, to package!
-  webkit: #649192
  wireless-tools-gnumach: Move to Hurd/obsolete?

2x, 1x-, 9-

Three/two packages left out of twelve if bugs are attended by the
Debian Maintainers!

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