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Re: Booting debian-hurd via tftp/pxe


harish badrinath, le Sun 04 Sep 2011 12:51:08 +0530, a écrit :
> Copied pxelinux and menu.c32 from syslinux and the started with the
> task at hand.

I don't think pxelinux can boot GNU/Hurd, because it does not support
multiboot. You need to use pxegrub and give it the same kind of
configuration as is on the installation CDs. You can find an example of
config file on


in build/boot/hurd/grub-hurd-pxe.cfg

which has however never been tested, patches welcome.

> (a) ext2fs.static
> (b)/boot/kernel/ld.so.1 for execing the kernel ??

gnumach is the kernel. ld.so.1 is for exec, which starts the rest of the
Hurd. ext2fs.static provides /, and the initrd line provides the initial
ram disk. All three are essential to get anything working.

> Am i missing something obvious like pxelinux boots only linux kernels and hence
> named pxelinux ??

It was never meant to boot anything else than Linux, yes.


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