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Booting debian-hurd via tftp/pxe

I am trying to boot debian-hurd using tftp/pxe. I am using dnsmasq for
tftp + dhcp.
Copied pxelinux and menu.c32 from syslinux and the started with the
task at hand.

[0]I read that a file with .0 extension tells pxelinux its a special file.
[1]I also noticed that on the debian-installer image's grub.conf there
are insmod entries for
(a) ext2fs.static
(b)/boot/kernel/ld.so.1 for execing the kernel ??

excerpt from pxelinux.conf/default file
LABEL Debian Hurd
MENU LABEL Debian-Hurd
KERNEL gnumach
APPEND initrd=hurd-initrd.gz.0 root=gunzip:device:rd0 TERM=mach-color
Note: gnumach is unzipped version of the file gnumach.gz, which is a
ELF executable.

The table below summarizes the Changes to the line KERNEL in the
snippet give above
| KERNEL     | Explanation                     |      Result
|gnumach.gz  | The file found on d-i image     | Invalid or corrupt
kernel Image |
|gnumach     | gnumach.gz after being unzipped | Invalid or corrupt
kernel Image |
|gnumach.gz.0| pxelinux treats this as a       | Screen filled with
animated     |
|            | "special file" (see Note[0])    | colorful squares, it
was trippy |

Am i missing something obvious like pxelinux boots only linux kernels and hence
named pxelinux ??


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