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Re: mpi.h

Svante Signell, le Wed 24 Aug 2011 13:25:40 +0200, a écrit :
> On Wed, 2011-08-24 at 13:11 +0200, Svante Signell wrote:
> > A short follow-up question (mathgl). How to specify where configure.ac
> > searches for include files, AC_CHECK_HEADER?
> Well, it seems to be a little more complicated. AC_CHECK_HEADER
> finds /usr/include/hdf5.h which includes /usr/include/H5public.h, which
> includes mpi.h if H5_HAVE_PARALLEL is defined. mpi.h is not found at the
> default directories, it is at /usr/lib/openmpi/include/ (from
> libopenmpi-dev)
> On kfreebsd mpi.h seem to be in the system headers.

It looks like a communication issue between hdf5 and mathgl then: hdf5
makes mathgl include mpi.h (H5_HAVE_PARALLEL), but does not seem to
provide it with what is necessary for it (CFLAGS). Report the bug and
discuss with the maintainer how that is supposed to work.

> Previously, at least on Linux, it was supplied by lam4-dev, but that
> package is not available for Hurd.

Try to reproduce on Linux, now that it uses openmpi, you should be
having the same issue. If not, compare and see what's different.


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