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hdf5-1.8.7-2~exp7 in experimental builds fine


According to the buildd information

hdf5-1.8.7 is build dependency limited:

Dependency installability problem for hdf5 on hurd-i386:
hdf5 (= 1.8.7-2~exp7) build-depends on one of:
  - libmpich2-dev (= 1.4-1)
  libmpich2-dev (= 1.4-1) depends on one of:
  - libc0.3 (= 2.13-16)
  libc0.3 (= 2.13-16) depends on one of:
  - hurd (= 20110519-3)

This is not correct, build dependencies are now fulfilled and it builds
perfectly (at least on my kvm box). Can somebody re-queue it for a

If there is a better channel for this kind of info, please let me know.


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