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Re: Issuing "halt" locks up computer and working graphical browser (dillo)

On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 00:56 +0200, peter@kahn.nu wrote:
> First of all, if anyone is interested, dillo 0.8.6 compiles fine on debian
> hurd. You need to install glib-1.2, gtk+1.2 and fltk-1.1. And browsing
> looks like it did in the mid 90s. But it works, loads images etc! Just
> issue "--disable-gtktest --disable-dlgui" when compiling dillo.

Nice. Never heard of dillo. Could not find a Debian package for it.

> I have never been able to make a clean shutdown with hurd. And the system
> freezes on me every time. I wouldn't really care if i didn't risk
> destroying my filesystem in the process. As you know it takes a while to
> set everything up and once i have got it running i would like to be able
> to keep it so for at least a couple of months.

Are you using qemu/kvm or real hardware? For hopefully a good shutdown,
use syncfs --synchronous /, before shutting down with halt (not
shutdown), see

> Regarding cd reading errors i have had them too even though the checksum
> on my disc is okey. I used it to install on qemu and didn't come across
> the same errors. I solved the problems by using the online installer.
> Finally, is the ext2fs program eating all your cpu as well or is it just
> on my system?

Real HW or VM?

> I hope it doesn't sound like i'm complaining. I have got fvwm2 running and
> i'm as happy as ever! Yes its slower than running linux. But twice the
> fun!

Fine, another X window manager that works!

> Oh, yes, forgot to mention that sudo just locks the console when i try to
> issue commands through it. It asks for my password and after it is
> accepted nothing happens. Just thought you should know.

Currently sudo locks up after command completion. According to Samuel
Thibault this is due to: the sudo bug is select() not being able to get
interrupted by signals, see

For the moment su - is recommended (or log in as root)

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